Who Gives A Crap is an incredible business and social enterprise, one we are grateful to have witnessed grow and donate $11m to help some of the most vulnerable in our global community over the last 10 years.

You’ve noticed us and you’re looking to make an impact. Since we are both out there doing good, should you just flip a coin and call it a day?

We put the options to the test to see how they stack up, so you can see which has the right strengths to fit your needs.

Values Generic supermarket brand WGAC
Premium Quality 3ply
Single length rolls
Double length rolls
Double length rolls
Materials Used Virgin trees
Recycled and Bamboo toilet paper and tissues. Blended materials for kitchen paper towels.
All products are 100% recycled and 100% Bamboo
Number of Sheets 180 Sheets
360 Sheets
400 Sheets*
Verified Sustainability FSC Certified for virgin trees
FSC Certified for 100% Recycled and 100% Bamboo
FSC Certified for 100% Recycled and 100% Bamboo
Certifications NA
B Corp Certified
Social Traders Certified (Australian Certification)
Australian Manufactured Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.
All offshore
Australian manufacturing and Australian sourced cartons, cores and packing materials
Global impact NA
Profits donations offshore
Profits donated to Australian organisations
Local Impact NA
Local jobs and local donations
Unique educational factor NA
Fun way to build toilets for people in need.
World first emotional checklist packaging designed to improve mental health.
Carbon neutral delivery NA
Reviews Mixed
4.5 stars
4.9 stars
Customer Service NA
Difficult to contact with no phone number available.
Customer service is our priority. We provide a phone number for members to contact us and all emails are attended to on the same day or within 1 business day at the very latest.
Female led business NA
Expanding into exciting new Aussie made sustainable products NA
The name Who Gives a crap is tied to toilet paper.
Emotions brand has been specifically designed to have the ability to grow beyond paper products.
*400 sheets Made in Melbourne TP

We are both driving values, consumer engagement, loyalty and sales all in the name of profits driving impact.

WGAC are now 10 years old and quite extensive and developed. Look at us like the little sister that can now take some serious short cuts because we've seen how they developed and we want to do better. We are more detailed, dynamic and intuitive.