Who do we donate to, and why?

We have chosen three national mental health organisations, each doing vital high-impact work. Through these three together, we have reach throughout Australia. Everyone who buys our products contributes directly back to support our Australian community.

Beyond Blue: Provides research, early detection, prevention and treatment to support mental health.

Black Dog Institute: Researching the early detection, prevention and treatment of common mental health disorders.

Lifeline: Provides 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

We encourage you to visit the 'Our Impact' page to learn more about these organisations and their powerful work.

How does buying from émotions make a difference?

Selling toilet paper for a cause isn' t a new idea and most will now be familiar with the model - it's tried and tested, and we' re not trying to reinvent it. We are using it because we want to do more for mental health and because we believe it is a timely and urgent issue in this country.

When you buy our products we donate 50% of the profits to organisations doing high-impact work in mental health support in Australia.

What are the points of difference in our products?

Our toilet paper is premium. It is environmentally-friendly and sustainably sourced.

You' d be hard pressed to find another toilet paper of the same quality at our price point at the supermarket or anywhere else.

We make 4-ply 100% bamboo (white), 3-ply 100% bamboo (white), and 3-ply 100% recycled (white).

We don' t use plastic, inks, dyes or scents.

Our boxes contain 20 rolls each and won' t take up too much storage space.

Our paper packaging is printed with images of faces, expressing feelings - a small but powerful reminder for all ages to notice and name our emotions and feelings to help settle them.

What's the difference between buying bamboo toilet paper and recycled toilet paper?

Bamboo grows quickly and practically anywhere without fertiliser, irrigation or human help. It's harvested once per year, and offers farmers an additional source of income. After harvest, the bamboo is aggregated by village and regional co-operatives, chipped then delivered to factories for pulping. Like bamboo itself, bamboo toilet paper is incredibly soft and strong - it is the highest-quality choice of our products, while still being sustainable.

Our recycled toilet paper, on the other hand, sources paper mainly from old books and commercial offices. The paper - being already in paper form - means the toilet paper production process has a lower carbon footprint than bamboo, making this our most environmentally-friendly choice.

Whether you choose bamboo or recycled, you can be sure that both offer a much better alternative to the tree-full, wrapped-in-plastic toilet papers available at the supermarket.

How long will it take to receive my order?

All orders leave the warehouse within 24 hours of order on weekdays.

How is émotions eco-friendly?

  • Products are biodegradable
  • Products and packaging are plastic-free
  • No inks, dyes or scents in the products. The packaging uses soy inks when possible.
  • The inner core of the TP roll and the packaging is also recycled paper.
  • Bamboo is most commonly chosen for septic tanks
  • Bamboo is made from forest-friendly bamboo fibres.
  • Recycled White 3ply and 4ply is made with 100% recycled paper generally sourced from old books and commercial offices.

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