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Most people will suffer from a circumstantial mental health concern at some point. Having somewhere to turn, someone to listen, and being able to access evidence-based resources and tools helps people to manage, and to get better. We need to support the organisations who are supporting us.

Yearly spend on mental health services per person in Australia

Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) extracted from the annual "Mental health-related expenditure" report and data.

"54% of people with mental illness do not access any treatment" - The Black Dog Institute

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50% of profits are donated to support mental health. Products open a discussion around émotions and feelings.

We sell toilet paper with a message that can save lives. émotions and feelings are an important part of everyday life and naming them can help settle them.

  • We've chosen these organisations carefully, for your purchase to have the greatest impact.
  • They're national organisations so that no matter where you are, your contribution benefits your community.
  • The demand on mental health services is growing, and financial support helps them meet that demand.
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