Understanding what “Made in Australia” and “Manufactured in Australia” really means.

Made in Australia? 

Some people are surprised to hear that there are only two companies in Australia that produce and manufacture recycled paper here in Australia, and neither of them produce tissue products. These two are Visy (through internal collections) and Australian Paper (OPAL) owned by Nippon paper (produces copy paper under the Reflex brand).


There are no companies that produce Bamboo paper in Australia.


Then how can others put 'Made in Australia' on their packaging?


In short, it is a regulatory loophole.


The toilet paper companies that print "Made in Australia" on their packaging do this by importing shipping containers of raw recycled paper pulp from overseas and then making it into small paper rolls here.


Similarly, companies that print "Manufactured in Australia" on their packaging are one step cheekier. They import large rolls of ready made toilet paper (4 per shipping container) and put it through a machine to make it into smaller household and commercial rolls.


Where does the paper come from?

Imported tissue pulp comes from a variety of countries who have more advanced recycling processes than Australia. These are mainly South America, North America, China and Vietnam. After being shipped to Australia, it is then simply packaged here.


How émotions does it better.

émotions is an Australian family owned business that donates 50% of profits to Australian mental health organisations Beyond Blue, Lifeline and The Black Dog Institute, all chosen for their widest reach in supporting our communities.

We manage, design, quality control and provide customer service here in Australia and we ship from Australia. We manufacture overseas and always with Australian standard ethics and values.


émotions is a certified Social Trader and FSC certified. We only sell eco-friendly, plastic free, sustainably sourced products to care for the planet, as well as all its inhabitants equally.


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